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Food and Drinks

As part of the program Yoga Retreats Malaga will provide you with fresh vegetarian food in order to maximize your health and well-being. You will be able to enjoy the delicious taste of local organic food cooked to perfection by our vegetarian Chef.

Most of our vegetables and fruits comes from the local farmers from the area of Malaga and we will guarantee that you will get, much more than your five-a-day! (five portions of fruit and vegetables a day). You will be delighted by the vegetarian and vegan dishes in all meals, refilling your energies and keeping you healthy and fit.

The menu is designed to provide you all the proteins and vitamins to clean your body without eliminating the essential nutrients required. With our Yoga Retreats  you will have daily fresh vegetarian meals, plenty of fresh fruits and delicious smoothies in the morning, buffet lunch in the afternoons and cozy dinners during the evening, including special vegetarian sushi night!

Many of our recipes contain chia seeds, almonds, blueberries, spirulina, wheatgrass, rice protein, raw cocoa, quinoa, hemp seeds,coconut oil, Agave, sesame seeds, and many others. Moreover, you will have plenty of herbal teas, mineral water, to keep your body hydrated.

Let us know at the time of your booking if you have any special dietary requirements.
And if you have gluten intolerance, we have good news for you: most of our meals are gluten free!

Prepare yourself to enjoy new dishes, to taste new flavors, and do not be worried if you are not vegetarian, as I am sure that you will feel more than satisfied, and will discover another way of cooking and eating.

Also during meals time , you will have the opportunity to socialize with other participants, ideal for making plans and activities during your stay.

Check our BLOG and get the recipes of your favorite dishes from Yoga Retreats Malaga.  Prepare at home some of the delicious meals and continue with a new life style, eating healthier, and trying new ingredients on your daily diet.

What many of our guests  say about the meals is that is simply the best food! delicious and so thoughtfully prepared.  Read more reviews in Trip advisor here

I have just arrive home after my stay at Yoga Retreats Malaga. What an great experience!
I loved everything about it, the place was super nice.
Big beautiful garden, where you could relax with a book by the pool during the day and where the evening yoga classes were held.
And nothing beat the view over the garden when the sun is rising during the morning yoga.
I loved everything about my stay, but I will just mention some highlights.
Migui warm welcome, and great the conversations. She has so much positive vibes, and is a great yoga teacher.
Eric`s cooking! Everything he made tasted fantastic(I normally eat meat/fish, but didn’t miss that one second during my stay).
There were always enough food, and also fruit and tea(coffee) available during the day.
The yoga! Both the calm evening classes, and the morning ashtanga classes were really good.
It was my first (proper) class with ashtanga so I didn’t know what to expect, but the class with Nico was superb and he made one and an half hour go by so quick.
He challenged us and corrected us during the class, and also modified when some of us needed that.
Nico is such a fun person with so much energy, he gave me some really good belly laughs. And I loved the guitar playing(after the yoga class).
Would highly recommend this place, and I would love to come back.
Lillian from Norway

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