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Frequently Asked Questions


Questions About the Retreat

What can i expect in this Yoga Retreat: a  Yoga Retreat with quality of Yoga and meditation instruction, delicious vegan and vegetarian food, beautiful surroundings in sunny Andalusia, time to relax with a massage, or simply with the “Dolce far Niente: Dulce Hacer Nada”.

How many people will be on the Yoga retreat: That depends but that can be between 2 and 8 people. We prefer to have smaller groups to give more personal attention to all of our guests.

Questions About arrival time and departure

What time I check in in the Retreat Center: Check in is on the day that the Retreat starts at 15:00 pm. Pick up time at Malaga airport is at 14:00.

What time i check out from the Retreat: Check out is on the last day of the Retreat at 12:00 pm.

Can i check in later: yes, you can check in later.

Can i stay a day earlier or a day longer: For the Retreats with 4 days of duration at Benalmadena Pueblo ask us via our email or call us +34609906025

How many days does the Yoga retreat takes?
4 days/ 3 nights

The 4 days you can start at your own convenience, according to our Retreat Dates.

Questions About the Accommodation

Can i get a single room: Yes no problem you can get a single room.

We are a group of friends can we share the same room: Yes you can, we have rooms up to 4 people , ask for the special price.

I am coming alone can you pair me to share: We give priority to two people travelling together to book a double room. However if you come alone, and depending of availability we can accommodate you with to share the room with someone of your same gender.

Questions About the location

How can I get to the Retreat: 2:00 pm is the pickup time at Malaga Airport, Spain, the first day the Retreat will start. From there we will bring you to the location of the Retreat. The last day at 12:00 pm we will bring you back to Malaga airport. This is included on the retreat prices.
If you arrived at different time please contact us: or call +34609906025

Questions about what to bring

What do i need to bring: Some lose comfortable clothes for the Yoga and for the day . A sweater for the evenings, as the temperature can be a bit cooler in the evening. Good walking shoes if you want to walk. Sunscreen and insect repellent ( just in case), swimwear. If you have your own yoga mat you can bring it, otherwise we will have one for you at the Retreat. We also provide with all linen, bath towels, beach towels and toiletries.

Questions about Yoga

I am new to Yoga, will this retreat suit me: Yes, everyone is welcome, and there are modifications in all Yoga classes either for beginners or for more experienced yogis.

I am not flexible, can I join the Yoga classes?
Yes, yoga is not about touching your toes or being perfect in a pose is about breathing and what you learn while doing the postures.

Questions about food

I have specific dietary requirements, can you accommodate me: Yes we can,let us know before the retreat starts and we will be aware of your meals and of drinks.

Is there only vegetarian food: yes our chef serves only vegetarian and vegan food, so there is neither meat nor fish.

What kind of vegetarian food is there at the retreat: We have delicious organic vegetarian or vegan healthy dishes every day, fresh prepared by our chef. We use lentils, mung beans, sweet potatoes, soups, salads, a lot of different vegetables and fruits. We also add all different types of super foods to make our meals not only super delicious , but to enhance nutrition and digestion. Many of our recipes contain chia seeds, goji berries, almonds, blueberries, spirulina, wheat grass, rice protein, raw cocoa, quinoa, hemp seeds,coconut oil, Agave, sesame seeds, and many others.
Note: In the retreats we do not serve alcohol and cigarettes, to keep the body and mind pure.

Other questions

Is there wifi: yes there is, free of charge.

Which language the lessons will be given: In English. But we also speak spanish , dutch , japanese.

Can i get a massage? Yes you can,  we  have a masseuse who does reflexology and hot stone massage and manicure/pedicure.

My partner wants to come but do not want to do yoga, can he or she come: Yes of course there is enough to do at the retreat and around the retreat. Discount would be applied.

Can I bring my children? Yes we can provide babysitter service while you practice your yoga, and kids until 7 years old are free of charge, so they can enjoy all meals as well. Additional charge will be applied for kids older than 7 years old.

Where to book the flight tickets: You can check skyscanner, some of the air companies are : Vueling , Ryan air or Transavia. If you need any help with the booking let us know and we help you. Be aware that the tickets are at your own costs. The closest airport is Malaga AGP, Spain, only 20 minutes from the Retreat.

How do I book a Retreat? Send us an email  or call us 0034609906025 and check availability. We will ask for a deposit to be done into our bank account, and the remainder is to be paid in cash upon arrival. If you prefer you can pay all the amount prior to your arrival.

I have more questions can i contact you: You can always contact us by email, telephone 0034609906025, or send us your phone number and we can also call you back, at the time you prefer . Do not hesitate to contact us any time.

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