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3 Things You Can Expect in a Yoga Retreat in Malaga, Spain

3 Things You Can Expect in a Yoga Retreat in Malaga, Spain

Now that you have taken the decision of joining a Yoga Retreat in Spain, probably you have a lots of questions, about how will be your yoga holiday.
You are ready to take a break from your work, family, friends, and dedicate time to yourself. choosing a healthy vacation in a wonderful country as is Spain.

So be ready for this 3 Things:

1- Sun shining! Nice weather! yes! because in Malaga the sun is shining around 7200 hours a year and the average temperature is higher than in any other European Country.
For example in March 2018, we have “many” rainy days, but even having those days, we have many hours of sun. Also while in Malaga the high is 20° , the high in Amsterdam is 11° in the same day.
So be ready to experience a warmer weather from where you are.

2- Meet interesting and nice warm people!
You will meet other participants from different countries with the same interest in healthy life and yoga like you.
Also you will meet the people working at the Yoga Retreat including your yoga teacher.
Think about having time even to socialize with your yoga teacher or with the person in charge of preparing you delicious vegetarian meals.
Beside meeting some typical andaluz people and experience the south Spanish energy where everything is possible and where people work to enjoy and live life instead of living to work.

3- Expect to have free time!
Yes! in many Yoga Retreats they will offer you a full agenda to keep you “busy”during every single minute of your retreat.
But remember you want to have a healthy holiday , a time for yourself, a disconnection from your busy agenda.
And you are free to decide how many yoga classes you want to do, or how many extra activities you want to join.
You are not in a competition or you do not need to impress anybody.
In Yoga Retreats Malaga, we are very aware of keeping free time for you to discover the real happiness: Peace of mind.
So be grateful of every moment free you have during your retreat and use it to reflect on your experience or to simply Relax!

Why Not Join A Yoga Retreat?

Why Not Join A Yoga Retreat?

As summer is approaching we find ourselves with a new opportunity to do something exciting for this year. Why not then join a Yoga retreat? Yoga retreats have become increasingly popular and offer a fantastic opportunity for travelers to experience something new.

As you can imagine there are many benefits when you join a Yoga retreat, not only will you be exercising during your holiday, but you will also enjoy a healthy diet. All of this, combined with a regular schedule, is the perfect recipe your body needs to replenish itself during these holidays.

I am going to list three things you should do in every retreat, so that you can get the most out of your experience:

Go with the flow; Yoga is about is not about maintaining old patterns. Instead it is about embracing the changes you see in your live. During your holiday you may encounter uncomfortable things; such as new poses or different styles of yoga. Anything new feels a bit uncomfortable at first, but remember to embrace it and you will see how you quickly adapt and how this helps you progress.

Listen to your desires; this is your yoga retreat and you should be able to do what you want. If you wish to skip a lesson or skip a meal because you felt like doing something else, then do it. You should able to feel as free and as comfortable as you can, and the whole point of the retreat is to rejuvenate your body soul. So, if you feel like try something else instead of sticking to the retreat schedule feel free to do it.

Take what you learn back home with you; last but not least is the importance of being consistent with the things you learned in the retreat. By applying what you have learned you will ensure that you will feel great at home, until you join a new retreat. Once you have joined a new retreat just make sure to rinse and repeat and you are all set for a getting the most of any holiday you join.

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