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Mi Esterilla De Yoga Es Ecológica

Cuando veo en los supermercados como Lidl o en las tiendas de deporte como Decathlon y hasta en Amazon que venden esterillas de yoga de PVC o de plástico por menos de 5 euros, me imagino a las personas que creen que están adquiriendo un chollo, sin darse cuenta de como están afectando a el planeta y a su propia practica de yoga, pilates o de deporte.
Es normal que al comenzar una nueva actividad como el yoga o el pilates aun no estemos seguros de que tipo de esterilla de yoga es la mejor para comprar. Debido a la amplia oferta en el mercado, muchas veces nos dejamos seducir por el menor precio.
Nuestra recomendación es que chequees de que material esta hecha la esterilla que quieras comprar.
Preferiblemente chequea que sea de material TPE, el cual es una clase de material poliméricos que se puede volver a fundir y reprocesar para recuperar el material de desecho, lo cual hace que sea económico y respetuoso con el medio ambiente.
Aprovecha el descuento de promocion de las esterillas de Yoga Migi y llevátelas solo por este mes de junio al 50% de descuento.

Yogamigi Mat es una Esterilla ecológica para Yoga, Pilates, Deporte. Material TPE reciclable, Antideslizante. Ideal para Viajes y Uso Diario por su Peso Ligero.

Put The Mind At Ease

In the modern world is all too easy to become worried about all kinds of things. Technology has brought us closer together; yet, at the same time, has brought new stresses. Coupled this, with the normal worries of work and family, and we get recipe for disaster. That is why is important to consider the yoga practice as space where one leaves behind all those things, and for at least one hour one should simply relax and experience the moment.

A yoga practice should be the moment of the day when a person can switch off their mind, and just be. No expectations, no questions, no worries. Simply let go of it all; it requires no effort, and no action. In the same way as turbulent waters cannot be made calm by splashing more water; one cannot ease the mind without letting go.

This will allow the mind to take a breather, and as result one becomes more centered and relaxed. Remember, a person who talks all the time cannot hear what others have to say. Likewise, a mind that is constantly worrying cannot hear what the spirit has to say. Thereby, the importance of trying to let go; even if it is for just one hour.

At first this may be difficult, but with practice it quickly becomes a habit.; thus, making every class a moment to unwind. Also, one will obtain new insights on the body and soul, because the mind will no longer focus its attention on the same old stress. This is one of the core principles of our classes at Yoga Retreats Malaga. Providing a strong foundation to all participants so that they may continue with their yoga once they get back home.

To worry is to be alive. It is just a part of life. However, this doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do about it. To take a moment and simply be; therein lies the answer. Even if it is for just an hour; the results are effective and insightful. So why not try it? The more you do it the easier it becomes.

Short Yoga Practice vs Long Yoga Practice?

Often times many people feel as though there is hardly any time for anything, including a yoga practice. Most feel as though if less than one of hour of practice is done, then is not a real practice. In actuality, one can practice for 15 minutes everyday and get more out of it than practicing for many hours on a daily basis. The reason for this is because it all depends on the way one practices.

How should one practice yoga? To answer this questions is important to first remember that yoga means union. So, in a fundamental sense; to practice is to unite. This union can be done with many things, but a good starting point is to unite with oneself. This because easier to start from a familiar place; first the inner work and then the outer work. Meaning that before one can achieve union with others, one should unite with oneself.

This can be done by simply observing and listening. Don’t give a name to what is being heard or seen; don’t pass judgement onto them. Simple observe and listen as though it was music. Most people when they listen to music they do not analyze key, time measurement, or harmony. They simply listen and enjoy without with giving it a name for every single note that is being played. Likewise, if one observes and listens to the reactions one has in the practice, then one can begin to see the ‘real you’.

How one moves, how one breathes, how one pushes, and how one rests. All these reactions taking place are important to observe, for they reveal how one truly is. That is why it has been said that the way we behave in the mat is similar to the way we behave outside the mat. Once this is understood, it becomes clear that it doesn’t matter how long a practice is. So long as the practice has the right intention, then is never a bad practice.

In Yoga Retreats Malaga we focus a lot on this important aspect, and provide the necessary tools you need to develop your own yoga practice. Also, we strongly encourage everybody to continue doing yoga when the retreat is over. We know this difficult in a busy modern society. That is why is good to remember that regardless whether the practice is 15 or 60 minutes long; what’s important is to have the right intention.

“Little drops of water, little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean, and the pleasant land.
So the little minutes, humble though they be,
Make the mighty ages of eternity.” Julia Abigail Fletcher Carney.