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Put The Mind At Ease

In the modern world is all too easy to become worried about all kinds of things. Technology has brought us closer together; yet, at the same time, has brought new stresses. Coupled this, with the normal worries of work and family, and we get recipe for disaster. That is why is important to consider the yoga practice as space where one leaves behind all those things, and for at least one hour one should simply relax and experience the moment.

A yoga practice should be the moment of the day when a person can switch off their mind, and just be. No expectations, no questions, no worries. Simply let go of it all; it requires no effort, and no action. In the same way as turbulent waters cannot be made calm by splashing more water; one cannot ease the mind without letting go.

This will allow the mind to take a breather, and as result one becomes more centered and relaxed. Remember, a person who talks all the time cannot hear what others have to say. Likewise, a mind that is constantly worrying cannot hear what the spirit has to say. Thereby, the importance of trying to let go; even if it is for just one hour.

At first this may be difficult, but with practice it quickly becomes a habit.; thus, making every class a moment to unwind. Also, one will obtain new insights on the body and soul, because the mind will no longer focus its attention on the same old stress. This is one of the core principles of our classes at Yoga Retreats Malaga. Providing a strong foundation to all participants so that they may continue with their yoga once they get back home.

To worry is to be alive. It is just a part of life. However, this doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do about it. To take a moment and simply be; therein lies the answer. Even if it is for just an hour; the results are effective and insightful. So why not try it? The more you do it the easier it becomes.

Small Steps On How To Avoid Injury

There is really nothing wrong with trying to become better. However, when one pushes too hard, too fast, and for too long the risk of injury drastically increases. This is because many of us tend to underestimate safety when it comes to our yoga practice. All we really want is to do the pose perfectly, and so we push until we get there. This can only lead to injury, and when it happens; we have to stop the practice entirely. Thus, defeating the purpose of pushing hard in the first place, as injuries need a lot of time to heal.

A better approach would be to study and observe the body as it reacts to the poses. Properly feel and become aware of the stretch; observing each movement of the ligaments. It doesn’t matter if one isn’t able to reach very far; what matter is to become aware of the stretch itself and how it affects the body. To understand a pose is to practice it in different levels, from the easy to the difficult; while observing how it affects oneself. This will also bring improvement while maintaining a level of safety.

Another way to avoid injury is to remember that is safer to be consistent everyday than push really hard once a week. Some of us rarely have time to yoga on a daily basis, so we only practice once or twice per week. When we do it, we try our best in order to make up for the time we didn’t practice. Leading to injuries and pain in the body. Instead, if one doesn’t have much time for practice; is best to do a little everyday, than than doing a lot once or twice per week. The body responds better to this way.

The combination of awareness with a steady but safe practice will ensure the body’s wellbeing, as well as, maximize the results of each pose. Thereby, making oneself more flexible in a safe and quick amount of time. This is one of the core principles that we teach in Yoga Retreats Malaga, so that every participant has the tools to practice safely. Moreover, the love for yoga and the desire to get better can result in hurting our bodies, so is best to take small but consistent steps in order to improve while at the same time maintaining a level of safety that is comfortable for the body.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”. Martin Luther Kings, Jr.

Learning How To Relax With Yoga Retreats Malaga

To relax may seem like such a simply task that just about anyone seems to be able to do it. However, in this increasingly complex world we find that is becoming more and more difficult to let go and be carefree for a few hours. Long gone are the days where we could spend a nice Sunday afternoon without worrying about the things in our daily life. There is a nagging thought at the back of our minds that likes to be preoccupied about all kinds of things.

This feeling is natural as we grow older and take on more responsibilities but it has exacerbate in the past few decades due to the rise of social media. People are more connected than ever before, and thus, we try to present an ideal version of ourselves to the world. Moreover, many of us compare ourselves with other people’s ideal version of themselves. Maybe, try to emulate them, or wish to have the same success as them. Chasing an illusion, instead of confronting reality.

The result of this overstimulation is that we are constantly trying to be better, we want to have more. There is really nothing wrong with trying to improve. But it is important to remember that becoming a better person is a lot like improving muscular mass. Both processes requiring training as well as resting. If one constantly works a muscle everyday, without giving it one single day to rest, one will end up with an injury. Likewise, when one is working on becoming better every single day, without having a moment to rest, one will become burned and exhausted.

This is reason why many people are finding it more difficult to let go, be carefree, and relaxed. Even if only momentarily, most still remain with a nagging feeling at the back of their minds. That is why is important to learn how to breathe correctly and to practice the art of relaxation. This is one of the main components of the yoga classes at Yoga Retreats Malaga; by combining the breath with the movements of the body we learn how to connect and observe ourselves.

Observation is key for relaxation. As a child simply observes how the clouds get blown in the sky; similarly one learns to observe how the clouds move in the mind. Observing how the wind blows them away and allows light to shine through. That is the very nature of being carefree and what entails to have a relaxed moment. This can be achieved by practicing breathing and the more one tries the easier it becomes.

To really relax in the modern world can prove to be quite difficult. What may seem as a simple as just having a relaxed moment has become clouded by our worry and stress. However, this can be remedied by practicing breathing and observation. Though at the beginning one may struggle; it becomes easier the more times is done. It is surprising how liberating it feels to really relax and to let go, even if only for a few hours per week, so why not give it a try?

“Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone”. Alan Watts.