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Meer Bewegen Is Goed Voor Je

Als je elke dag naar je werk gaat doe je dat waarschijnlijk meestal met de auto fiets of openbaar vervoer. Althans de meesten onder ons, sommigen werken vanuit huis en zijn zodoende al op hun werk. Het is belangrijk om voor of na je werk ook te sporten of in ieder geval te bewegen. Niet alleen om lichamelijk fit te blijven maar ook vooral mentaal. Maar dit valt vaak niet mee, helemaal als je thuis een gezin hebt die alle aandacht nodig heeft.

Toch is het belangrijk om de momenten voor jezelf te hebben. Ze zeggen dat als je in de ochtend vroeg opstaat en dan direkt gaat sporten je jezelf fitter gaat voelen en sterker. Ook vooral mentaal gezien. Wetenschappers beweren dat als je om 4 uur in de ochtend opstaat dat dat het beste tijdstip is …, nou om eerlijk te zijn doe ik het niet, maar mijn yogaleraar doet het wel, zelfs nog veel eerder.
Hij voelt zich daar super bij. Hij zal dan ook wel op tijd naar bed gaan, maar toch het vergt discipline, het is een manier van leven. Zelf doe ik aan Ashtanga yoga, 6 dagen per week elke ochtend, ik begin dan rond 7 uur en ben ongeveer een uur en een kwartier bezig met mijn yoga oefeningen. Ik voel mij daar fit en sterk bij.

Om te sporten aan het einde van de dag, na het werk is meestal niet eenvoudig om bijvoorbeeld direkt te gaan sporten, je wilt eten, je hebt misschien je familie thuis of als je alleen bent, je moet jezelf wel motiveren om naar de sportschool te gaan of te gaan hardlopen, zwemmen, yoga wat dan ook.

Dan komt al snel de verleiding van de laptop op schoot of televisie aan en zo komen we dan de avond wel door. Er is natuurlijk niets mis mee om na een lange dag werken lekker te relaxen, maar we kunnen beter in beweging komen, lekker sporten en daarna thuis nog even relaxen en met een tevreden gevoel gaan slapen. Uiteindelijk zal je je in dit ritme minder gestresst en fitter voelen. Als je je goed voelt in je lichaam voel je je ook beter, zelfverzekerder, gezonder en sterker. Je bouwt meer weerstand op en bent minder vatbaar om ziek te worden.
Kortom allemaal goede voorbeelden om meer in beweging te komen.

Getting Your Toes Wet With Yoga Retreats Malaga

For a person who has never done any yoga the mere fact of going to a yoga retreat may seem like a daunting endeavor. Even if one has practiced before; a retreat may seem like a bit much for just a beginner. This feeling is understandable, but nothing could further from the truth.

When one participates in a yoga retreat a whole world of apportunity opens up. This is because a retreat should build upon the very basics of a daily routine. How to practice, when to practice, what to eat, when to eat, how to rest and when to rest. This is something we strive to achieve in all of our events. So that one may experience for a little bit a more structured yogic lifestyle.

In the morning at Yoga Retreats Malaga we start with meditation and a dynamic yoga class to get the body warm and awaken. Followed, by a delicious breakfast to commence the day. At lunch time we eat again, emphasizing on the freshness and quality of the food. Finally in the afternoon we finish we a relaxed yoga class and a healthy dinner to calm the mind and prepare for bedtime. Therein lies the secret to our method; by practicing dynamic yoga in the morning we prepare our bodies for the day. Whereas in the afternoon the yoga is more relaxed so that body and mind calm down. All this combine with healthy food is all it takes to drastically bring a change to one’s life. The simplicity is what makes it easy to approach, so that new habits can be nurtured.

By the end of the retreat one is able to build upon that structure and take the lessons learned back home. Combining the old routine with the new learned routine and making adjustments accordingly to fit one’s needs. It is through this consistency that stability can be obtained; thus producing a strong center and depolarizing the individual. This brings as a result a stronger mind, gratitude towards life and connection with the higher self.

Of course, one may also choose to do nothing of the sort and simply finish the retreat and go back home to the old habits. Which, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! That too is one of many millions of possible choices a person may take. However, after having done a retreat, the fact remains that your toes have been wet and that you know what it takes to bring a change.

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.”. Alan Watts.

One Serious Yoga Practice

It is amazing how the mind is able to turn such a joyous occasion such as; an asana practice, into something which is to be taken rather serious. Do not misunderstand me, I think there is a time and place to be serious, like when it comes to safety and avoiding injuries. However, any more than that is just mere mind games.

Just like anything else in life; too much of something is never really a good thing. When one focuses so seriously in ones concentration, breath, alignment and flexibility we lose an important component of the practice. That is, to let go and simply observe what is.

As a society we spend every waking hour taking everything rather seriously. This stems from the fact that a substantial amount of people wishes to become better, to advance, to one up oneself in an endless game of improvement. Imagine flexing a muscle all day long without rest; all that can be achieved from that is to damage to the muscle. Likewise, constantly trying to become better will only result in a similar outcome. Thus, the need to simply let go an observe.

Remember, the Yoga mat works a lot like a mirror. The way one reacts on the mat is probably the same way one reacts outside the mat. Hence, the value of observing and simply getting to know oneself during the practice; rather than placing so much concern on whether every pose is absolutely perfect, or whether a strong desire pushes oneself to improve i.e. become more flexible and/or physically stronger.

Yoga means union; this fact sometimes seems to be lost among the huge plethora of information regarding this subject. Nevertheless, this is important to remember well, because, from the union of oneself will sprout the seedling which will grow to become a large tree that connects to the heavens.

This is the main foundation of our practice here in Yoga Retreats Malaga. To observe so that we may be able to witness our actions and reactions. Without judgement, without concerns, and without expectations. Simple relax, breathe, and enjoy the journey each and every practice has to offer.