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Yoga Retreat For Man and Women Over 50

Yoga Retreat For Man and Women Over 50

When we see pictures of Yoga Retreats in any of the many social media,  usually you see more woman than man, also  woman are around 25-40 years old, and yes, they look fresh, young and in good shape.

There are many excuses not to go to a yoga retreat when you are older than 50:

You can feel that  you are not so flexible or strong
You can think or that you are too old to be part of a yoga group
You are just a beginner in yoga
You don’t like to be with a lot of new people, joining all kind of scheduled activities.
You are scared of the unknown
You prefer not to travel too far
And many other reasons that only you know!

But the truth is that nowadays the 50’s are the new 40’s.

Relax is timeless. Yoga is for ever and have no age to stop.
And if you are using your age as a barrier, or as a limitation,  Book a Yoga Retreat today and start changing your mind limitations!

It is proven all the many benefits that yoga and meditation give to the body and the mind.
Improving posture, flexibility , sleep, blood circulation and breathing.
In a Yoga Retreat you will practice yoga and meditation and will be with people from different ages to make new friends.
Get ready for the adventure to travel by your own,  (many of the people who join a retreat are solo travelers), start accepting any body limitation (yoga is not a competition) , put on your face your best smile (always helps also outside a retreat), and Go to a Yoga Retreat!

At Yoga Retreats Malaga we adapt yoga postures for your own body’s comfort, we will teach you how to  integrate yoga and meditation into your life, and how to keep that inner joy and peace.
At the same time you will enjoy another type of holiday eating healthy vegan meals, and having plenty of time to relax.

It’s never too late to join a Yoga Retreat and be happy!