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Summer Is Over but Not in Yoga Retreats Malaga

Summer Is Over but Not in Yoga Retreats Malaga!

Everybody is back to normal activities, summer is over hear you all the time, and you notice how the weather start to change in many European countries becoming colder and rainy.
But here in La Costa del Sol, we can extend the summer a bit longer.
Next week we will have a 4 days Yoga Retreat, starting the 25th of September, and this is our favorite time of the year to host a retreat here in Benalmadena, in the province of Malaga, Spain.
The weather is still warm, but not as in July and August , the sun is shining every day, the streets are not so busy as in the summer days, and you can feel the energy more quiet around the village of Benalmadena Pueblo.

Now in September you can extend your summer days, How?

Joining a Yoga Retreat in Malaga! In 4 days you will have time to practice yoga and meditation, or simply if you have never have done it before, starting with a new healthy life style adding yoga and meditation to your daily routine.
Plus experiencing how your body and mind will change eating healthy and delicious vegan meals!
Our groups are small, and you will have plenty of time to reconnect with yourself, check the goals before the year is finish, and get a fresh energy for the last part of 2018.

If you cannot come in September we have 2 more dates in October and November! so send us an email and save your space to Paradise!

Join us and Revitalise + Energize with  Yoga  and Meditation  Retreat and extend your summer vibes follwing the sun light in Malaga, Spain!