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Is Yoga not only about touching your toes? Seriously?

Is Yoga not only about touching your toes? Seriously?

Many of us have started yoga with the practice of asanas (postures), but this is only one of the many reasons for people to try a yoga class. The idea of doing some of the beautiful postures, such as the head stand, attract many of us as we like the physical exercise and the challenge.

Hopefully, with continuous practice you can come to realization that the difference between yoga and any other sport that includes stretching is the connection of the breath with the movements and with your mind all while doing the poses.

But going back to our question, I think yoga is also (not only) about touching the toes. Naturally, there will be people who are flexible by nature and without having experienced a yoga class they can touch their toes and much more.  But for a person who is dedicated to the practice of yoga, there will be a progress not only with touching the toes but doing some other difficult poses that involve some flexibility and straighten.

So after many days or years of practicing different yoga poses you will probably get some improvement in your flexibility. Further than that, you will become more aware of your habits outside the mat, meaning to say, what do you eat, how long you sleep, how do you relax, are you aware of your words, and your thoughts?

It is that awareness that will make you change  your life style, making the healthy choices to have a better yoga practice but mostly to feel good with your body and with yourself. So instead of eating a big pizza or going out late in the night, you will start to change your habits, making healthier choices that will be reflected on your practice.

At yoga retreats Malaga, you can start practicing and observing how after the first yoga session, when you are more relax and connected to your body and your breath it will become easier to do some of the yoga poses.

The final result of touching your toes is not the reason for you to practice yoga, but a healthy life and a regular practice will be the cause for you ending touching the toes.

Do we do all this only for the ego? Well that will be a subject for our next blog.

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The Magic Of Mysore – Practicing With Sharath October 2016! 

The Magic Of Mysore – Practicing With Sharath October 2016!gurus 

This is my third trip to Mysore, second time with Sharath, and for the fist time staying as long as two months. Three years ago I was here for the last time, and it is amazing how Gokulam has increased the number of cafes, yoga shops, massages and therapy centers. Also a lot of new rooms, many houses have built rooms for rent and there are new buildings, and yoga schools.

Many of the places I saw 3 years ago have improved, are bigger and have more products. The only thing that has not changed is the people, how nice is to be back, and see that people still remember you.

The shala is almost the same, new floor, but still the same. After leaving our shoes outside we sit in the hall waiting for Sharath to call us saying: “one more  or two more, or even calling people by their stature saying”  one more small, or one more medium or one more  tall” Sometimes you can find him asking; are you tall? before you go inside. Also, now there are some small marks on the floor to tell where to put your mat makes it more organize. Moreover, he can ask to show your card, and at what time is your class. In case you are more than 30 minutes before class he will  ask you why do you come so early ?  or to wait outside.

Once you are inside, you will find yourself in a space where we are close to each other, while listening to people’s breath as the wind on the field. At any moment you can hear Sharath pointing to someone saying; “you, bend the knee more”, or “you, walk your hands more”.

The other assistants will be around to help you, and Sharath himself will do many adjustments physically or verbally. The energy inside the room is not easy to describe. The whole room will look like a steam room, and when Sharath is in his office having chai or breakfast, the room feels some how empty.

So his presence is very powerful. It looks as though he knows everything that is happening around him. The group energy will bring you to do your best, and to sweat like never before. The finishing sequence is still to be done in the ladies-men changing room. Only if Sharath tells you, you can do it at the end of the room.

This time there were days that the changing room (ladies) where busier than the shala itself. At the end of your practice, just before leaving the shala, the students turn their faces to give reverence to Sharath, with namaste and looking for eye contact with him. He will be there smiling or just moving his head as a sign that he knows you were there and now you are leaving. At times he can even ask something more specific refered to the practice like: did you catch? 

What i have learn coming to the source of Ashtanga yoga?

Mainly to accept that we are all different, we all have our own breath, and our own practice. Bodies react very different, but we all follow Sharath when he counts in the lead class, and we become one following his instructions. Practicing humility and just showing up  in the shala 6 days a week, also when you don’t want to. Knowing many yogis, from many different countries, ages and backgrounds that are here for many different reasons. Apparently many of them come here for the authorization, or to have the picture on the shala with Sharath, but i feel that if we are all here there is a particular energy that brought us to this unique and intense place and that you can call the magic of Mysore.

I hope when i am back to Spain mainteining my yoga practice while also teaching at yoga Retreats Malaga, continuing with the inner transformation , and sharing it with as many people as we can, motivating everybody to come and study at Kpjayi, in Mysore, India, the home of asthanga yoga. For now 6  more weeks to be here in Gokulam  learning, practicing , and enjoying the delicious food and warm people. 

Een welverdiende supergezonde Vakantie in November of December 2016

Een welverdiende supergezonde vakantie in November of December 2016

Elk jaar kunnen we weer genieten van de verschillende jaargetijden, zoals de lente,zomer,herfst en winter.
Iedereen heeft zo zijn of haar favoriete gedeelte van het jaar.
In Nederland wordt het vaak wat grilliger aan het eind van het jaar, het wordt kouder en vaak natter.
Voor elk land gelden andere weersomstandigheden, zo ook in Spanje waar het in het noorden ook koud en nat kan zijn terwijl het in het zuiden
prachtig weer is. Vooral aan de costa del sol, waar de extreme hitte van de zomer inmiddels is verandert in een aangename temparatuur en waar we volop kunnen genieten van de zon, zee en strand en de rest van de omgeving, waar veel te ontdekken en te doen is.

Voor degenen die de herfst of de winter in Nederland willen ontsnappen is Zuid-Spanje  een uitstekende keuze. De ideale plek om er alleen of samen met vrienden er eens lekker tussenuit te gaan.
In November en December worden er ook weer Yoga en Meditatie retreats georganiseerd in Malaga-Spanje. Deze Yoga vakanties bestaan uit 4 dagen en drie nachten all-inclusive.
Transport vanaf en terug naar de luchthaven in Malaga ( retreat is 25 minuten vanaf de luchthaven). Tweemaal daags Yoga en meditatie, gezond en vegetarisch eten en ervaren en enthousiaste leraren. Dit alles in een prachtige omgeving waar veel te doen is, of juist niet dat is geheel up to you.
De Yoga klassen zijn voor beginners en gevorderden, dus ben je nieuw met Yoga dan is dit een goed begin om Yoga te leren kennen, we geven Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Tibetaanse Yoga en diverse meditatie sessies en chanting.
Dit is een mooie kans voor jezelf of met vrienden voor een korte break en even lekker bij te komen van de dagelijkse dingen thuis, het retreatcenter is gelegen in het prachtige,typisch Andalusian dorpje  Benalmadena Pueblo.

Voor meer informatie omtrent deze Yoga retreat-vakanties in Malaga, verwijs ik je/jullie naar de site
Wie weet zien wij jou of jullie in een van deze retreats de komende maanden.
Heb je enige vragen, schroom niet en vraag het ons via de mail en wij komen er snel op terug.