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Fall is Arriving

Fall Is Arriving

After a busy summer, we need to recover and prepare for winter, that is why i will give you a few tips to help you during this time.
Here in la Costa del sol, Spain, the change in weather occurs a bit slower than in other European countries. We still have many warm days, but in the evening it starts to get more fresh. Also the days become shorter, and sunsets are earlier than in the summer. Finally, most tourists have left so the beaches and streets have become far less crowded.

So, as the energy in Andalucia is more calm we also have to adapt to this changes into our bodies. October and November are perfect months to start a meditation practice, it is the time to reflect into what had happened until now, and to re plan our goals for the rest of the year.

With a short meditation everyday you will find yourself more grounded. Also practicing yoga will allowclasemeditando you to detox all the excess during the summer, as the poses cleanse your body and connect with the earth.

Also, joining a yoga retreat will help to achieve this goal and you will feel more prepared to finish the year successfully. At yoga retreats Malaga we offer different techniques to learn how o meditate and different types of yoga so you can create your own practice when you are at home and prepare for the changes of the seasons.

How To Make Potato Salad Cake Malaga Yoga Retreats Style

How To Make Potato Salad Cake Malaga Yoga Retreats Style

This is one of the most delicious dishes from our Yoga Retreat in Malaga, Spain.
Courtesy of Masayo, a Japanese chef, who is collaborating with us in the special dinner we offer the last night before the Retreat gets to its end.  Hope you enjoy as much as we do!


1. Make the sauce by mixing Greek yogurt (or drained yogurt), garlic powder (or grated garlic), salt and white pepper.

2.Boil the potatoes in the salted water until they are soft, peal and mash them and season with salt and pepper while they are hot. Let them cool little bit.

3. Preparation of the ingredients for the potato salad.
*make carrot salad: shred carrot and season with olive oil and salt.
*make pesto: in the blender mix basil, nuts, olive oil and salt.

4. Divide the potato in three parts. Put the color with carrot and basil pesto and make three potato salad such as white, orange, green.

5.Lay the plastic wrap on the cake pan so that easy to come out, and spread out one of the potato salad and press well to be even. Do the same things to the rest of the potato salad so that it will be three layers. Cover the salad with end of the plastic wrap. Put in the refrigerator until is cool and settles down.

6.Before the serving, take the potato salad from the pan and put some sauce around, and decorate it with herb and cut vegetables.

For decoration I used leek: open the green part and cut it diagonally and put in the cold water for a while so that it will be curly. Carrot: slice the carrot using peeler and put in the cold water. Finally, I use sliced avocado, mini tomato, basil, dill, and leaves such as rucola and watercress.

For other delicious recipes check

Yogatrip Naar het Zonnige Malaga -Spanje van 16 tot en met 19 Oktober, 2016

Yogatrip naar het zonnige Malaga -Spanje van 16 tot en met 19 Oktober, 2016

Er eens lekker tussenuit naar de Costa del Sol waar het goed vertoeven is!

Het hele jaar door geeft yogaretreatsmalaga yoga vakanties dmv. weekends of, meerdere dagen yoga in het zuiden van Spanje aan de mediteraanse zee.
Zo ook 16 tot en met 19 Oktober als het in nederland alweer frisser wordt, schijnt hier de zon volop en kun je genieten van yoga,meditatie, zon,zee en het strand. Voor meerdere data zie onze website: WWW.YOGARETREATSMALAGA.COM
Vergeet ook de typisch spaanse dorpjes niet met de mooi witte straatjes en de vergezichten over de zee naar Noord-Afrika.
Het klimaat hier geeft bijna alle dagen zon en je kunt hier genieten van de aangename sfeer en relaxte manier van leven.
Onze ervaren leraren zullen je een onvergetelijke tijd bezorgen met leuke en goede yogalessen, meditatie,yoga nidra,massages en nog veel meer.
Dit alles met gezonde vegetarische maaltijden bereidt door onze chef, en een prachtige omgeving en accomodatie waar je je snel thuis zult voelen.

Yoga Retreats Malaga in het zuiden van Spanje, is uitgeroepen tot een van de beste Yoga Retreats van Spanje!

Als je dit wat lijkt, aarzel niet en check de website en heb de tijd van je leven in Malaga