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May 17th, 2016: 4 Days Yoga Retreat in Malaga, Spain


We hope you can be part of our yoga community! Come and discover and get a deeper understanding of your yoga practice while relaxing in sunny Malaga with 2 yoga and meditation classes per day, delicious vegetarian and vegan food, and comfortable accommodation! Connect with Nature and Connect with yourself, taking this short break into your busy life. You will feel renew and with fresh energy, clear mind and healthier body.

To reserve your space in the four days Retreat in Spain on May 17th, 2016, see the link below:
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Gewicht Verliezen Door Yoga

Gewicht verliezen door Yoga!

Het is eind Maart en de goede voornemens zijn de meesten onder ons alweer vergeten, bijvoorbeeld afvallen in gewicht.
9 van de 10 personen houden hun goede voornemens niet vol.
Als het gaat over gewichtsverlies dan raad ik je aan Yoga te gaan doen.
Yoga kan je echt helpen, en het verschil maken in je eetpatroon, focus en discipline om je doel te bereiken.

Er zijn vele Yoga vormen om te beoefenen, Ashtanga Yoga is een meer fysieke vorm van Yoga en je zweet enorm tijdens een sessie. Je beweegt op het ritme van de ademhaling, het ademen gaat via de neus en de mond blijft hierbij gesloten. Zo warm je je lichaam van binnenuit op en verbrand je meer calorieen. Ons lichaam functioneert beter omdat we zo de zuurstof inname beter stimuleren.
De Yoga oefeningen zorgen ervoor dat we onze spieren op de juiste manier trainen en dat we ons lichaam ontdoen van giftige stoffen.
Na elke Yoga sessie voel je je weer als herboren met nieuwe frisse energie, zowel lichamelijk als mentaal, wat weer belangrijk is om de drang teveel te eten in bedwang te houden.
Stress is de belangrijkste oorzaak van gewichtstoename, Yoga helpt ons te relaxen in onze dagelijks leven en te ontstressen, om gezond te blijven.

Yoga helpt om je leven op orde te houden.
Ook veranderingen heb je dan beter onder controle, dus als je je eetgedrag wil veranderen helpt Yoga daarbij, Yoga leert je om je lichaam beter te begrijpen. Je kan je eetgedrag beter onder controle houden, je weet wat je lichaam nodig heeft aan voeding. De essentie is dat je je realiseert dat jij je lichaam bent en dat feit zal je eetpatroon doen veranderen.

Yoga Retreats Malaga biedt verschillende Yoga vakanties aan dat je zal helpen met gewicht verliezen. Controleer de data van deze retreats en reageer als je vragen hebt. Wij zijn blij om je te helpen en hopen je te ontmoeten hier in Malaga-Spanje


What You Eat is What You Are

What You Eat Is What You Are

In the practice of Yoga we see many people who are strictly vegetarian and take great care into what they eat. This blog is not about promoting vegetarianism, instead I am going to talk about the benefits of eating healthy, and how it can help you in your yoga practice.

The benefits of eating healthy can best be seen in the country of Japan. This is a country that enjoys one of the longest life expectancy in the world. Their population gets to live for a long time. Of course, medicine also has helped them live for a long time, but their diet is also a key component of their longevity.

The Japanese diet is low on fats and includes a lot of fish. Not deep fried fish, but simple fish dishes, including the famous sushi which is just raw fish. I am not suggesting that you need to eat raw fish or that you need to only vegetables to have a healthy diet.

All I am suggesting is that you avoid the saturated fats such as the ones found in deep fried food, in order to start to enjoy a better diet. Also, high quantities of sugar is not good for your body, try to minimize these as much as you can.

Once you are able to eat with less fat and less sugar you will see how you body has more energy and how you will be able to better practice your Yoga lessons. Having energy and being able to be productive in your daily routine should be your main goal when you decide to eat healthily.

That is why here in Yoga Retreats Malaga take great care of all the food we offer, in order to get the most benefit out of your retreat. When you are with us we only offer vegetarian foods, low in fats and low in sugar. Of course, we do not expect you to become a vegetarian, but we do hope that you will see the benefit of eating healthy from the retreat.

So don’t wait any more, be sure to contact us and book you spot in our next retreat. We are more than glad to assist you in any way we can.

Yoga Retreats Malaga is located in Southern Spain. in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. So when you come here you will have the chance to also discover the wonder of Spain and its culture.