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How Eating Vegetarian Helps Your Yoga

How Eating Vegetarian Helps Your Yoga

As you probably already know there are many benefits to eating vegetarian food. This is especially true when you join a yoga retreat, so even if you are a meat eater, I am going to explain to you the benefits of only eating vegetarian food during your yoga retreat.

When you join a yoga retreat one of the main goals is to detox your body and mind. One of the easiest way you can do this is by being in relaxed environment while eating healthy food. As you know, vegetarian food is healthy as it lacks the high amounts of calories and fats associated with non-vegetarian food. Therefore, the combination of eating healthy while being in a relaxed environment will provide you with the opportunity to energize your body and cleanse your mind.

Another big benefit of eating vegetarian food is that you will be able to focus better during your yoga practice. This is because vegetarian food will not stuff your stomach and and it is easier to digest. So during your yoga holiday make sure that you do not eat non-vegetarian food so that you can take the most out of your yoga practice.

Finally eating vegetarian food will allow you to feel healthy and fresh your during your holiday. As the popular saying goes; “you are what you eat”. Therefore, by only consuming healthy foods you will feel the effects in your body and you will energized and refreshed throughout the duration of the retreat.

Eating vegetarian meals is part of the philosophy we have in Yoga Retreats Malaga. Our chef was trained in India and not only do we use fresh and local ingredients, we also make delicious meals that will make you realize that vegetarian food is just as delicious as non-vegetarian food. Moreover, we will give you all the recipes of the food you eat so that you will be able to prepare the meals yourself when you get at home.


3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Yoga Poses

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Yoga Poses

One of the most common goals yoga practitioners have is to improve their poses. This is a process that takes time and one should not expect to be able to do it on the first few tries. So, for those of you who wanna improve their poses, here I am going to give you three tips you can use in order to improve your poses:

1- Focus On Your Breath
This may seem like an obvious tip, and you most likely have heard this quite often. However, I will still remind you so that you do not forget. Focus on your breathing and not on making the poses look perfect, This is because your breath will allow you to relax and thus make you able to feel more comfortable in the poses.

2- Know Your Limitations
Many people who start with yoga are prone to pushing themselves too much, and may even injure themselves by not realizing what their bodies are capable of doing. By accepting what you are capable and not capable of doing you become aware of your body’s needs. This will allow you to start pushing yourself in the correct; therefore, letting you make the improvements you desire on your poses.

3- Visualize The Posture
Finally, do not shut yourself off by claiming not to able to do something. Even though you need to accept your limitations, that does not equate with thinking that you can never achieve it. However, if you are in a state of mind that is negative and makes you think that you cannot do it, then you are already stopping from yourself from having any kind of achievement.

So in a nutshell, by focusing on your breath, knowing your limits and visualizing yourself doing the posture you will be able to achieve the level you want in your postures. Also, do not forget that it takes time and that you should not be impatient when it comes to yoga.

This is the kind of teaching we believe in here in Yoga Retreats Malaga, if you want to improve your yoga practice while enjoying a yoga holiday then be sure to contact us. We are ready to answer any of your questions and we look forward to meeting you here in our retreat in Spain.

Yoga is Not a Competition

Yoga Is Not A Competition

As many of you already probably know yoga is not a competition, not even a competition with yourself. Many people fail to realize this fact and many times they even become frustrated by it. Some people compare themselves to others in order to improve their postures and not feel ‘less than’. This of course, is the wrong way of thinking and misses the whole point of yoga. On the other hand, other people like to push themselves to become better than what they were before, so really they are just competing with themselves.

Whether you are competing with other or competing with yourself, the thing you really need to know is that both ways of thinking are simply missing the whole point of yoga. What yoga is about is for you to unite your body and spirit with the universe around you. To be more precise, is the yoke with yourself and the outer world. Once you understand this, the notion of competition becomes completely meaningless. That is why there is such a big emphasis on breathing correctly. There are many things your body does that you cannot really control, such as your heart beat and many other processes. Breathing however, is the only thing we can do both voluntarily and involuntarily with our bodies. Therefore, it is a door to connect your body, soul and mind to the universe.

So next time you are at your yoga practice I want you to really pay attention and focus on your breath, and try to listen to what your body is telling you. This is because your body really is a lot like the subconscious mind; a gateway to your own divinity. Similar to a person that never stops talking; they can never hear what others have to say, in the same way, if you keep on having conscious thoughts about competing, or anything else, you will not be able to hear the things your body is telling you.

We at Yoga Retreats Malaga give importance to this kind of yoga practice and make an emphasis of making each participant unite with their inner being. So if you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us, as we are more than glad to assist you in any way we can.