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Waarom organiseren wij Malaga Yoga Retreats?

compressgroup2Waarom organiseren wij Malaga Yoga Retreats?

Het antwoordt is eenvoudig, omdat wij zelf houden van Yoga en Meditatie.
De Yoga beoefening zelf, het respect voor de traditie en het doorgeven hiervan naar anderen, geeft ons de kracht, plezier en motivatie om telkens weer nieuwe Yoga vakanties en Yoga weekends te organiseren in Malaga-Spanje.
Wij openen de deuren voor veel mensen, om de kracht van Mediteren en Yoga te ervaren, het kan je leven in positieve zin veranderen!
Om te voelen wie je bent en waartoe je allemaal in staat bent.
In een paar dagen, maar wel heel intens willen we de mensen laten ervaren, het fantastische gevoel van Yoga en Meditatie, dit alles in combinatie met gezonde vegan-vegetarische maaltijden. Dit alles in het perfecte zonnige klimaat in Analucia-Malaga.
Wij voelen ons erg dankbaar als wij de mensen gelukkig en blij zien gedurende een paar dagen in de Retreat. Men wordt gemotiveerd om kennis te maken met Yoga en Meditatie wat voor velen een uitdaging is, maar men ontdekt dar het daadwerkelijk goed is voor je lichaam en geest.
Ook de verandering in eten is voor de meesten een positieve ervaring, sommigen zijn niet gewend aan vegetarisch eten, onze maaltijden worden vers bereidt en bestaan hoofdzakelijk uit organische groenten en fruit.
Meestal na een paar dagen is men verbaasd hoe lekker en goed je kunt eten met vegan en vegetarische maaltijden, menigeen gaat dan ook met onze recepten naar huis. Deze worden per mail toegezonden.
Wij gaan dan ook door met de Yoga Retreats mede door de goede energie die wij terugkrijgen van onze deelnemers in de diverse Meditatie en Yoga Retreats in Malaga.
Wij zullen ons uiterste best en al onze liefde stoppen, om jou te ontvangen in jou Yoga vakantie in Spanje.

6 days Ashtanga Yoga Retreat on 4 October 2015 in Malaga, Spain

6 Days of Ashtanga Yoga and Meditation on 4 October at  Malaga Yoga Retreats

2015,October 4 – 9
Price €949,00 single room
€749,00 Double shared Room (for 2 travelling together)

6 days of Yoga and Meditation Retreat

We invite you to come and stay with us in one of our six day yoga retreats in Benalmadena, Spain , where you will feel rejuvenated, healthier and stronger.
This Retreat is the ideal way to start your Ashtanga yoga practice, and is great for beginners completely new to yoga, new to Ashtanga Yoga, or for anyone looking to expand the fundamentals.
The program is all inclusive, and involves sitting meditation,  two yoga sessions (ashtanga vinyasa yoga in the morning and some restorative postures in the afternoon) as well as special breathing techniques ,all the vegetarian meals (brunch and dinner), unlimited herbal tea and water, healthy snacks, and transport from and to the airport .
You will feel a deeper connection inside your body and mind and develop more self awareness and self realization. You will get a better control of your breath, that will help you to keep your mind quiet and calm.

If you have experience or no experience at all with yoga, you will benefit from our program. Without any pressure or targets we will guide you through the classes! Maximum number of participants 12.
(Still 5 spaces available)

Liz-hanuman Liz Carrasquel Liz-pincha liz meditation

The daily schedule for the meditation and yoga retreat will be:


14:00 Arrival time
15:00 Light Vegetarian lunch
15:30 Leisure time
16:30 Meet en greet
17:00 Evening Yoga class
19:00 Vegetarian dinner

Monday ,Tuesday ,Wednesday and Thursday

8:30 Sitting meditation (optional)
9:00 Morning Yoga, ashtanga vinyasa
11:00 Delicious vegetarian brunch
12:00 Leisure time,rest
17:00 Evening Yoga,  Yin Yoga, Chanting, Philosophy
19:00 Vegetarian dinner


8:30 Sitting meditation- optional-
9:00 morning yoga, ashtanga vinyasa
11:00 Vegetarian Brunch
13:00 leave.

Please, notice that above is the schedule in big lines, times can change during the week.

The Yoga we offer is  Ashtanga Yoga and Yin and Hatha Yoga. The classes are designed for everyone.
We are very excited to announce that for this Retreat we will have the visit of Liz Carrasquel,  who will be guiding us together with Miguidet and Erik during the yoga sessions. Liz is a dedicated Ashtanga yoga teacher and practitioner, with many years of experience and  who travels regularly to India, to deepen her ashtanga practice, studing with Sharath and Saraswathi in the Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute. She completed a teacher training with Tim Miller, in USA. She will guide you in the Ashtanga yoga classes  according to the traditional method (Mysore self-practice and led Sanskrit counted classes).
In addition we will give you guided Meditation, Chanting, Philosophy  and Pranayama classes ( breathing techniques).

Massages can be booked upon arrival or during your stay.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of Yoga with poses, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time—five minutes or longer per pose is typical. It is based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang. In the body the relatively stiff connective tissues ( tendons, ligaments,fascia) are yin, while the more mobile and pliable muscles and blood are yang.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga in particular is a dynamic, structured, and intelligent approach to the practice of yoga, and is comprised of both practical and philosophical components. The practical portion has been traditionally taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in two ways; Mysore style and led class.

Hope you can join us for a unique experience of ashtanga yoga holiday and retreat in Andalucia, Spain!

For any questions about the Retreats in Spain, please refer to our contact page, or call us 0034609906025, we will be happy to assist you!

Do Not Let Others Dictate Your Happiness

Yoga retreats Malaga is space where people come to unwind and leave their worries behind. One could see it as a little piece of paradise right in the heart of Costa del Sol. However, what happens when you leave the retreat? Usually we have tendency to fall back into our routine and become discouraged by the drudgery of daily life. The promises we made to ourselves fall by the wayside, and we become unhappy with who we are and what we have. Moreover, we let external forces affect our moods, and we make excuses and find reasons to not be happy. You know what I am talking about; we tell ourselves that my change in mood is because of my work, because of my lover, because of something external that I cannot control is happening in my life.

Herein lies the hoax, the hoax being that you think outside forces can affect you, without realizing that it is all you the one creating your own misery. Living such life can be extremely difficult, as you react on everything that happens instead of acting on what happens. Of course, all of this begins with the mind, and within your mind lies the answers to everything. You let negative thoughts cloud your perception and you become angered or depressed by your situation, never realizing that you have created the whole calamity by way of your thoughts. You keep on repeating within your head that everything is bad, that I am tired, that my work is terrible, that my clients are annoying.

Whether these things are true or not, that is all besides the point. This is because you cannot control any of those external forces, you can only control yourself and that is it. You have the choice to react on everything around you, become upset about the negative things that happen, and make yourself more miserable. But like I have said, it is a choice, the other option is to act, act the way you like to be, and do not let outside forces affect it. If you can focus on acting, instead of reacting, you will be able to avoid situations where you hurt yourself and those that you love. As things happen to you, you become distressed, and start reacting towards yourself and everybody else in a negative way. Ultimately, this way of being will bring your undoing, and will only serve to chase away those who care for you, while bringing into your life those who hurt you.By now you may have the following question; how can I change my way of thinking so that I do not become so negative. You can try a simply exercise, every time you get negative thought, tell yourself these words “I reject that thought”, it works better if you say it out loud, but you can also just say in your mind. If the negative thought comes back to your mind, repeat it in your head; I reject that thought. Likewise, if you get a positive thought say to yourself “I accept that thought”. After a few months you will see how your life begins to change and you will much more in control of everything. You may also ask yourself? do I need to monitor every thought I have and isn’t that a very difficult task? Well just like with everything in life, the more you do it the easier it will become. I strongly suggest you follow this exercise for the next three months, and begin to take control of your thoughts and of the energy that you put out. It will affect your life tremendously in a much more positive way.

For more information about mental exercises and about the retreats be sure to contact us. Our retreat is the perfect place for a yoga vacation in Spain. Come and unwind enjoy the great weather and learn more about yourself. It is precisely through that learning that you will be able to overcome any obstacle that you encounter in your life. In the end, the main goal is that you become self-actualized and happy in all that you do, and we are more than prepared to give you the tools to do that.meditandoen elhotel