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How A Yoga Holiday Will Make You Rich

How A Yoga Holiday Will Make You Rich

A Yoga retreat is more than just a holiday where you practice Yoga. In fact is one in lifetime experience, where you will get the chance to get in touch with yourself, and you will get to know yourself better. This is the most important aspect of the retreat, and it is the key for making you rich.

When I talk about rich, I do not only mean about enriching your soul in a spiritual way, but I also mean, in the material sense. Yes I am indeed, talking about money. Often when dealing with spiritual subjects people find it abhorrent to link it to the material world. However, this is wrong, as they both, actually, go hand in hand. Moreover, only when you are rich from within, will you able to become rich from without. In other words, once you have reached your inner happiness will you able to also reach your material happiness.

This where the Yoga holiday comes in. When you come to the Yoga retreat you will be able to explore those aspects of yourself that are hindering your success, and you will be able to make an impression upon your subconscious, in order to achieve success. This is accomplished by knowing yourself better, and through meditation, yoga exercises, and rhythmic breathing. Remember, that it is your mind the one that hinders your progress, and in the words of Louis Binstock “you are your own worst enemy”.

Understanding this concept is what will allow you to make the changes that you seek in your life. This is because very often we tell ourselves ‘we are not good enough’, ‘there is no way I can make it’, ‘I am not smart enough’, ‘I am not good enough’. Every time you do this; you are deliberately stepping in the way of your own progress. Even our own perceptions of material wealth affect the way in which money comes to our life. If we hold ill will to those who are successful, and think of them as greedy selfish rich people, what we are actually doing is telling or subconscious that we do not wanna be like that; like those greedy rich people. But my question to you is; are all rich people greedy and mean? The answer is; of course not.

If you truly want to begin to make real change then waste no further time. Begin the change today, and start making the necessary steps to enrich your life, both in the spiritual sense and in the material sense. I highly recommend you to find the book by Napoleon Hill “Think And Grow Rich”, in which he goes into great detail how to achieve success. Moreover, I also encourage you to come to a retreat and take time for yourself, and to get to know who you truly are. Only when you are able to find that answer will you able to find the success you are looking for in your life, because you will be able to provide real value to others by doing something you really love, and therein lies the secret to success.

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How A Yoga Retreat Can Help You Cope With Stress

Before we begin to tackle this issue is important to understand what stress really is. According to the American Institute Of Stress; stress is often misunderstood as the state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

In Europe work-related stress is the second most frequently reported health problem. Around half of workers consider stress to be common in their workplace. Moreover, in a recent European poll conducted by EU-OSHA the most common causes of work-related stress cited were job reorganization or job insecurity (72%), working long hours or excessive workload (66%) and being bullied or harassed at work (59%). The same poll showed that around 4 in 10 workers in Europe think that stress is not handled well in their workplace.

The problem with this definition is that oversimplifies the issue; hence, leaving the reader without the understanding necessary in order to tackle the problem. A good example of how to better understand stress is using the following analogy; stress can be like passengers on a steep roller coaster ride. Some are hunched down in the back seats, eyes shut, jaws clenched and white knuckled with an iron grip on the retaining bar. They can’t wait for the ride to end so they can get back on solid ground and scuttle away. But up front are the passengers who thoroughly enjoy themselves, yelling and relishing each steep plunge, and quickly afterwards race to get on the very next ride. Finally, you have some people in between that may find the ride quite boring and are quite indifferent to the whole situation. So the main question is, was the roller coaster ride stressful?

The roller coaster analogy is useful in explaining why the same stressing factors can differ so much for each of us. What distinguished the passengers in the back from those up front was the sense of control they had over the event. While neither group had any more or less control; their perceptions and expectations were quite different. Many times we create our own stress because of faulty perceptions. You can teach people to move from the back of the roller coaster to the front, and, as Eleanor Roosevelt noted, “nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent”. While it is somewhat difficult to clearly define stress, experimental and clinical research confirms that the sense of having little or no control is always distressful – and that’s what stress is all about.

So, how can a yoga holidays help you cope with stress? Well, as you all know, a nice a vacation is the perfect way to recharge your batteries and forget about the frustrations of daily life. However, once you get back home people tend to quickly go back to the bad habits; thus falling back into stress and becoming unable to cope with it. This is where a yoga retreat can help you, because you will learn how to properly reflect upon yourself, and you will receive help in order to maintain a positive state of mind. In the words of Willie Nelson; “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results”. It seems easy enough; however, we all know this is quite a hard thing to accomplish. Nonetheless, during your yoga break you will find a lot of guidance from your teachers; therefore, you will be far more prepared to maintain a positive state of mind once you get back home.

For more information about the retreats please contact us; we will be happy to get you started on your journey to self-improvement and always remember to stay positive, because it all begins with the mind.

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Why You Should Join A Yoga Retreat

A Yoga Retreat is unlike any other experience you’ve ever had before. Travelling to a foreigner land, meeting new people, eating healthy food and basically stepping out of your comfort zone is what you can expect. Moreover, there are other benefits that will forever change the way you see and practice Yoga once you get back home.

At first, you may think that this is a scary experience. Perhaps, you question yourself as to whether your level of yoga is sufficient to participate in a retreat, or maybe you are afraid to go on your own to a place you’ve never been before. These questions are normal; however, the underlying issue that one is fearful of doing something one would not normally do. However, once you take decision to join a retreat this will be your first step of getting out of your comfort zone and achieving actual growth.

By the time you arrive in the retreat you may feel a bit scared and unaware of what will happen. However, this will quickly change as the teachers will give you a very detailed introduction of what you can expect during your stay in the retreat. Moreover, besides the Yoga lessons, there will be plenty more activities such as; Bhajans singing, Ayurvedic massages and meditation sessions.

Also, you will have plenty of time to relax and unplug from your daily routine. This will allow you to recharge your batteries and become inspire to tackle the issues in your life once you get back home. It will be a total renewal of your energies and hopefully you will realize that pain is unavoidable but suffering is a choice.

So don’t hesitate and become part of the change you want see. Remember, you’ve got only one life and you have to make the best of it. So why not have an adventure? And participate in a retreat that will tremendously enhance your life for the better. For more information be sure to contact us and to reserve your place please email