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“Yoga retreats Malaga” reste une expérience inoubliable pour moi.

Yoga is universal, and we are so pleased to receive in our Malaga Yoga Retreats guest from all over the world!
We need to share this message from one of our guest with all of you, it is a motivation to continue working and improving to give the best to all of the participants! Merci Gavina for your beautiful words.

Thank you so much again, to both of you !

I feel very good and, yes, still enjoying the benefits of the retreat ! :))) Your words are still in my mind… 🙂

I’ve just sent a message through your website but i dont’t know if you’ve received it. So, my review (in french, for french yogis who are not fluent in english 😉 ) is this one :
Gavina (France)
Yoga retreats Malaga” reste une expérience inoubliable pour moi.
Le cadre de vie, les cours de yoga, la méditation et l’excellente nourriture (plats végétariens, variés à chaque repas) ont fait mon bonheur pendant six jours.
Je me suis très vite relaxée grâce à l’accueil chaleureux de nos hôtes, Migui et Erik, leur professionnalisme, leur sens de l’écoute et leur humour ! Ce sont de belles personnes qui aiment vraiment leur travail et ça se sent.
Leurs mots (prononcés pendant les cours de yoga ou durant les séances de méditation) résonnent encore en moi.
Un grand Merci à Migui et Erik pour ces cours et leur permanente attention qui m’ont permis de me ressourcer, dans un décor idyllique.

Big hugs,


Can A Beginner Join A Yoga Retreat?

Can I join a yoga retreat even though I am a beginner? Is it possible for people with almost no experience in yoga to participate in a retreat? We get asked these questions a lot, and the answer is Yes! You may join a yoga retreat regardless of your experience.

Since you will be in a yoga retreat, you will be immerse in a relaxing atmosphere. Also, you will be accompanied by a small group like-minded individuals, so you will be having a lot more personal contact with your teacher. This will help you feel safe and secure to practice any form of yoga.

Normally a yoga retreat is a yoga holiday for you, so the experienced teachers usually will give the yoga sessions in a way that people can feel relax and good about themselves. If Surya Namaskar sounds Martian to you, and you practice less than once a month then it might be best to talk with the organizers of the Retreat for extra help.

It is normal that when you see all this amazing people practicing what it may seem as very complicated yoga postures, you may get a bit scared about your level. The truth is that there are many yoga asanas to suit your body type or temperament. Yoga develops strength and balance as well as flexibility, and unless you were a dancer or a gymnast; all yoga postures will be a bit of a challenge for the body and mind.

As Gary Kraftsow said: “I would like for people to realize that yoga is not about touching your toes”.
At Yoga Retreats Malaga, you’ll start with an opening introductory meeting, where we talk about any limitations or injury you might have, also we will talk about your intentions and personal goals of joining the Retreat, so by creating a solid foundation and clear connection with the teachers then you will get most of the benefits from your Yoga Retreat.
assisting headstand

Three Tips Every Beginner Should Know Before Doing Yoga

Three Tips Every Beginner Should Know Before Doing Yoga

1-How to dress? You do not have to dress in white. Also, bring a t-shirt or top that is not too loose other wise in any inverted yoga pose you will be showing your abs and more… Finally, do not wear any sock nor shoes, so that you don’t obstruct the flow of energy with the earth.

2- What to take? if you don’t want to buy a yoga mat you can rent or borrow one; however, do make sure to bring a small towel to clean yourself when you start to sweat (yes in yoga we do sweat) not a beach towel. As you practice, feel the contact of your feet with the mat, so that you may gain more awareness from the ground up.

3- How to prepare? Do not eat before the yoga practice. And do not drink too much water, otherwise you will have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the class. Try to stay relax and have a good time. Yoga poses can be intimidating, specially if you have never done it before, so focus on your breath and listen carefully to the instructions of the yoga teacher. Also, if you have any doubts about a posture do not do it; just wait for your teacher to assist you, or consult at the end of your lesson

Hope to see you in any of our yoga class during our Yoga Retreats Malaga.

As Barbara Sher said “You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you”.