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Bonus Body Evolution Workshop on Monday 18 May 2015, Benalmadena.

We are excited to announce a workshop with experienced International Personal Trainer NinjaMike.
During our upcoming Wellness Yoga Retreat starting on 17th of May, Mike will motivate and guide  us in a safe way during the Body Evolution Workshop where we will  workout using the  body weight training,  interval training, resistance training, and running around the beautiful gardens in our special and unique location at Benalmadena Pueblo, Malaga, Spain.
Why did we choose for this workshop for our Yoga Retreat? Because we want to give you different tools and take your wellness routine to a new level in a supportive environment.

In the words of Lisa Elaine Held from Pure Yoga Studios in New York :“We created the class to continue to evolve how we build muscle in yoga. It’s a tenet of ours that if you do yoga correctly you build long, lean, usable muscle and this class is a super fun natural extension of how we do that.”

About Mike:
Mike’s experiences have led him to training travelling internationally training clients in the Philippines, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, UK and now bringing his knowledge and expertise to Spain.
He first launched his Fitness Bootcamps in Nottingham, UK back in 2009, and now on the sunny Costa Del Sol taking the Bootcamp to a new level with his Ninjamikes Body Evolution session.
He is a qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with many industry qualifications also an International Martial Arts Coach a former 3 x British Martial Arts Champion with the BNMA, hold several Doctorate’s in Martial Sciences and Fitness with black belts in many martial arts disciplines and a former UK American Football player.
More information please refer to his website

The workshop will be on Monday 18th in the afternoon, at 5:30 pm in Benalmadena Pueblo , Malaga, Spain.
You can register via or call us +34609906025


Change your Life with a Thought

Change Your Life With A Thought
Have you ever heard anyone say; “don’t be so negative”, or “try to be more positive”. Well, it turns out there is some validity these phrases.
If you are the kind of person who is thinking negative thoughts all the time, then bad things will come your way. Don’t believe me? Good! Skepticism is healthy. However, this isn’t an idea I just came up with. This is a way of thinking that falls in line with a lot of eastern and western philosophy.
For example; one of the Buddha’s famous quotes goes as follows; “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves”. One may infer, that a positive mind can free your spirit even if you are in the worst of places; however, there is more to this. Our thoughts shape our reality, and manifest that which we think about.
In western philosophy this is described as “every thought is a prayer, every word is a spell”, which is also points out the importance of speech and the spoken word. We take for granted that everything we say has an effect, thus, we must also be mindful of not letting our tongue go wild. Many times silence is your best ally.
Positive thinking will also bring changes to your relationships, and what you do in your daily life. The drudgery of work can be transformed into a joyful experience, and the barriers set by your mind will be courageously knock down as one matures into a fully complete being. Moreover, you will also gain some health benefits as you will feel stronger and more ready to tackle any obstacle thrown at you by life. Modern medicine provides a wonderful example of this idea, as there are many people under placebo meditation, which have been known to recover just as well as people with normal medicine. Thus, even scientists are aware of the power of the mind and the influence it has for the body.
Does that also mean we need to monitor all our thoughts and watch everything single thing we utter from our mouths? The answer is yes; this is a constant practice, and though, it may at first seem daunting it will become easier as time passes. Moreover, this is an essential skill to master, and should become a priority to develop. That is why for hundreds of years we see the development of rituals and exercises around the idea of controlling one thoughts, and relaxing your mind.
Eastern meditation or western grounding exercises; they all serve the same purpose, which is to bring balance ‘within’ so you can create balance ‘without’. This is in turn will help you achieve anything that you want in life.
Here at Yoga Retreats Malaga we will guide you in all you need to know to start or to continue with a meditation routine, and creating space in your mind to plant the seeds of positive thinking.
In the words of Napoleon Hill “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. This is the importance of believing in one self and not allowing negative thoughts to cloud your judgment. Remember, you are your worst enemy, so begin now to watch yourself and what you do, because it all counts.
Lastly, I want to leave you with the story of John Hall, who, as a child, was diagnosed with severe autism and mild retardation. He spent most of his early childhood years in an intensive therapeutic program in Los Angeles. However, By the age of 6, John had shown significant progress and was mainstreamed in a regular first grade classroom with special education support services. Today, he is CEO and co-owner of a national communications firm based in Southern California, where he lives with his wife and two children. Defying his initial “slightly retarded, low-functioning autistic” diagnosis, he pushed his way through elementary and high school, put himself through college, earned an MBA, and is sitting for a doctorate.
This is all thanks to the power of the mind, and the perseverance that brings a positive a state of mind. So, if John Hall, who had insurmountable obstacles could achieve success, so can you! Do not ever doubt that, and strive forward until you have reached your goals. doubt that, and strive forward until you have reached your goals.
For more information about the upcoming Yoga and Mediation Retreats in South Spain, please check our website.


Are 3 days enough to revitalize myself in a Yoga Retreat?

3 days…it sounds so short! But in fact it is a lot what you can do for yourself during that period!
You will bring all good experiences, in the right place, and doing the right things for your body and mind. We do not promise to fix your problems, but we will give you the tools to be aware of your way of thinking, and your way of reacting under stressful situations, helping you to connect with your inner wisdom.

In these 3 days of our NEW Vital Yoga Holiday,  you will learn to distress with the help of Meditation, Yoga and nutritious meals. All these in a beautiful place, with big gardens, swimming pool, and gorgeous views over the sea and mountains. Where ? are you probably wondering…well at Yoga Retreats Malaga, Benalmadena Venue.
The advantage to come here,  is that being in a quiet place, you are next to an amazing beautiful typical Andalucian village, so enough to explore, time to jump into the sea, and  within 20 minutes from Malaga Airport!

We offer you this ALL-IN  Vital Yoga Holiday in Spain: Meditation and Yoga, Full big Brunch and Vegetarian Dinner.
Your room is big and clean with  an en suite bathroom .
We will  Pick you  up from  the Airport of Malaga and drop you back after your 3 days of total Relax and Vitality!
You can also extend your days at Yoga Retreats Malaga to 4 , 5 or 6 days…
Registration are still open, choose your date, and the number of  days you want to come and begin to use your mind as the most powerful medicine!