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A normal day…during your yoga holiday in Spain

It is 7:00 am I hear the birds singing outside,  the sun is rising, after taking a shower , dressing with my favorite yoga clothes, i walk  outside my room,  i see the swimming pool, with the light  blue water, and  towards the horizon one line between the  sea, for an the  sky , little white house far away…
I walk towards the patio, i drink a cup of tea and at that time some of the other participants start to come, it is almost 7:30, we know the routine, we take this moment very calm to sit and start our guided meditation.
When i open my eyes again i feel already happy and ready for all the rest of activities. The sky now is totally blue, it is almost 8:00 am, and i take small snack, this time just an orange, cause i know that for me it is better not to eat anything before my yoga practice. It is almost 8:30 and the mats are all on the floor, Everybody is already stretching, or warming up, and then we start our morning yoga session, i noticed there are some beginners and one of the yoga teachers is giving special instruction to them, the others that are more advance just continue with our asana practice, breathing with every movement. I feel already sweating…and more flexible than the day before..also more relax. When i hear ….and now you can start to move your hands and feet…open your eyes.. Oh almost 10:00 time flies! Time to drink lots of water and enjoy the delicious breakfast, the fruits are so tasty. Now i am ready for a sunbath, and maybe swimming into the pool.
Lunch buffet at the Retreat is always a surprise! The salads are so delicious, and the combination with quinoa, or soups is lovely! This afternoon after i have my Ayurveda massage, i think i will go to Benalmadena Pueblo for a walk, and a bit of shopping! There are some typical Spanish shops that i really cannot miss. At 17:00 i am ready for my second  yoga class of  the day,  today we will focus on stretching so it will be super good for my hips that after being so long sitting on my office are sometimes so stiff! The weather is perfect, smooth and fresh. I better take a light jacket, before the dinner starts. We sit all together and we enjoy an special vegetarian dinner, oriental inspired! I loved it! I have a cup of tea…and after having a nice chat with some new friends, i decided that it is time to go to bed early so i can be fit for tomorrow !
And this is how your day will look like during the wellness, detox and yoga retreats Malaga, location Benalmadena.


Malaga Yoga Retreats

Did you noticed the small change in our name? now we are also called Malaga Yoga Retreats.
We love so much the Province of Malaga, that we decided to put the name in the first place. It has been a privilege to be accepted here, the local people are amazing friendly same  the expats who live here.
In only 2 months since we moved to Spain, everything is going so good, that our energy for the Yoga Retreats is super positive, and every day is a day to be grateful for being here.

Today i just want to say the more grateful you are the more doors will open!
Same when we practice yoga, we learn to be grateful with whatever our body feels in that moment.
Some days our practice will be faster or easier, other days we will feel a bit heavier…or maybe not to focus,
and no matter what when we keep appreciating who we are and how we are, we will see the wonderful effects in our yoga practice.

Thank you to all this awesome people from Malaga Province , we will honor your region and we are preparing some surprises for all the local /residents so they can also enjoy and be part of our Malaga Yoga Retreats.

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Yoga Retreats in Spain

Yoga Retreats in Spain
Spain is a beautiful country, and when you compare prices of accommodation and food with other european countries, you will  find it more affordable.
In  the region of Andalucia , ,Malaga Province , there are so many hidden places, not only in the interior, but also along the coast line. Charming villages,  fantastic views, and of course the sun , what brings special light and multiple colors to the sky and the sea, and authentic lovely people.
So when comes the moment  to make a choice among all the Yoga Retreats in Spain, you will find many nice places, with of course different yoga teachers, different prices, and all type of yoga classes.
So why coming to our Yoga Retreats in Malaga?
First Yoga RetreatS Malaga offers you 2 different locations, one in the interior in Cartaojal, Antequera, if you are looking for simplicity in life, disconnecting from all the busy life, and having around just the quietness of multiple fields with olives trees, with views up Lovers Rock. Peña de los Enamorados.
As an alternative, Benalmadena Pueblo, on the top of a hill, next to the old town, where everything is painted white , with narrow streets and stunning looking over the sea.
Second, we provide you with  cheerful  accommodations, yummy vegetarian food, and heavenly juices as well as many extras  activities to cherish yourself.
Every morning you will wake up having a clean mind with our guided meditation
And last but no least our  yoga  sessions are specially designed for you.
How is that possible? Since we have long experience practicing and teaching yoga,  we will give you the tools to develop your own yoga  practice, to improve what it needs to be improve, to relax when you need to let go, to slow down if you have an injury, to learn new poses, to create a firm foundation if you are a total beginner in yoga.
You will feel your body with much more energy and your mind more clear.
And we will take care in a personal and individual way , but you will enjoy the group energy.
What are you waiting for?
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Antequera Upcoming Yoga Retreats Dates
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March :
Sunday 15- Friday 20
Sunday 26- Friday 1 May
Sunday 24- Friday 29
Lovers rock
Benalmadena Upcoming Yoga Retreats Dates
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Monday 6 – Saturday 11 Sunday 19- Friday 24
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