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The Yoga Retreats Malaga team is linked by the love for the ancient practice of yoga .We are practitioners of a healthy lifestyle body and peaceful mind with yoga, meditation and nourishing food.
We put all our dedication and devotion into these retreats in Spain to make your yoga travel a joyful, healthy and special holiday.
Yoga Retreats are growing every where, so we hope to bring it to more people following the inner tradition of yoga , not only for the physical aspect , but for a deeper level of the mind-body connection.
Each of us is here in La Costa del Sol to make your yoga retreat in Spain a blissful and happy experience.

Meet Our Yoga Retreats Malaga Team

Nico Attianese    

Nico is a young yoga teacher with extensive an extensive background in music and philosophy.

His approach to yoga is one that honors the need of self-actualization and union with your nico-warrior-2body. Therefore, his classes focus a lot on the proper use of the breath; while maintaining a focused mind.

Nico has studied yoga since 2012 and has began teaching since 2016. He draws much inspiration from teachers such as Pattabhi Jois, Sharath Jois and Alan Watts; by combining both physical exercise and intellectual inquiry.

He is also a seasoned and passionate musician having played for many Art Of Living events. So you can expect to also hear live music after your yoga classes.

His life motto “one must first empty ones cup before it can be filled with something new”

He currently also works for various Yoga studios throughout Costa del Sol and is fast becoming one of the most acclaimed teachers in the region.

Masayo Susa

Masayo is a professional Japanese chef. She was born in the city of Kyoto and grew up in Tokyo.

She has more than 20 years of experience working as a cook and later as head chef in various restaurants and hotels.

Masayo’s cooking is the perfect blend of the east and the west, and her strict control over every ingredient used ensures that the food is always delicious and healthy.

Her most popular dish during the retreat is her famous vegetarian sushi. That is right, No Fish Sushi! She is also, well versed in western cuisine, so you will have a wide selection of foods to choose from.

Masayo is currently living her dream of learning Flamenco singing. So when she is not cooking you will find her practicing her singing and learning Spanish.

Thanks to Masayo we are able to say that you will have the best cooking of any retreat in the whole of Costa Del Sol.

She will be taking care of all your delicious and healthy meals during the Retreat. Not only surprising you with vegetarian sushis, but with a fusion of the spanish cousine, and special japanese touch!

Miguidet Hernandez 

Migui, co founder of Yoga Retreats Malaga, is best known for her sense of humor, generosity, and positivism. She is a devoted yoga student, yoga teacher, and lover of her family. She primarily practices the Ashtanga Yoga method,  as taught by Sri K. Patabhi Jois,  and has inspired many students in their journey to have a daily yoga practice. Her youthful appearance is a proof to the many benefits of yoga.

Her classes range from beginner to advanced, all levels, all ages! She has a lot of experience giving adjustments or modifications according to the needs of the student, and she gives specific tools to her students, depending on their body type and their life style to grow in their own practice.

In 2003, Miguidet moved from Venezuela to the Netherlands. Having a career as an accountant, she started to practice yoga to relieve the stress.
Soon she decided to dedicate most of her time to study the discipline of yoga. In 2006 she was teaching her first yoga class, since then she has been concentrated in the practice, study and sharing her love and passion of yoga.

Miguidet is a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher RYS from the Yoga Institute Houston, USA, and completed a teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga in the Parthman Niketan, Risikesh, India, where she also studied Indian Philosophy in the Punab Paschim Institute. She has studied Ashtanga yoga with Sharath Jois and Saraswati in Mysore India,  and with other Ashtanga-certified and authorized teachers: Eddie Stern, David Swenson, Manju Jois, Max Czenszak, Clayton Horton, Mariela Cruz and many others.

She also traveled to many countries in Europe and Asia where she followed different courses and workshops in other forms of yoga; Iyengar, Sivananda, and Yin yoga. Additionally she has studied Karmapa Meditation from the Karma Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism and Kundalini Meditation. In 2009, she founded the first Ashtanga Yoga studio in Groningen, The Netherlands. Later, in 2013, she founded the traditional Ashtanga yoga school in The Hague, where she organized many different workshops for international senior teachers.

Every year ,  she continues studying, practicing and developing her personal practice. In 2016 she stayed for two (2) months in Mysore, India studying with her teacher Sharath at the  Kpjayi.

For her, it is a privilege to be in sunny Andalucia and to share her love and dedication for the practice of yoga, as an instrument to keep the body in good shape, and to be a better person. As Sharath said in an interview in LA Yoga , may 2016. Referring to the meaning of Yoga:
It’s not just physical, it’s overall how to keep your own well-being, and keeping others’ well-being.

She will be assisting in the Retreat in some yoga workshops or chanting sessions, as well as managing the organization of the Retreats before you arrive.

Some of my yoga journey you can see here

Erik Vestering : together with Migui in 2014 founded Yoga Retreats Malaga
End of 2017, Erik decided to take another path in his life but we will be always grateful for his enthusiasm and collaboration .


We want to give help making yoga accessible to all.

We are inspired to end violence against women and to help them shift their perspective from victim to strong survivor.
Together we can practice yoga out of the mat and help creating awareness to rejects violence as a way to deal with problems.
Through the yoga practice we want to cultivate the resources to speak up against messages that say violence or mistreating women is okay
When you book on Yoga Retreats Malaga you are not only enjoying a wonderful yoga holiday, you are also helping to support the Anacaona Foundation.
Anacaona Stichting is a foundation that helps latin american women in situation of abuse, exploitation or discrimination.

For each person that books a yoga Retreat at Yoga Retreats Malaga :

– We donate part of our profit to Stichting Anacaona

– We donate yoga and meditation sessions so that the women can find relaxation and center themselves.

Stichting Anacaona is a social organization with the primary purpose of contributing actively and efficiently in the integration of Spanish-speaking women in the Netherlands who have been victims of abuse and / or labor exploitation, through various support programs and comprehensive care for victims”.

This is your opportunity as part of the yoga community to demonstrate the generosity of heart and spirit of the peaceful warrior.

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