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3 Yoga Poses to practice after teaching in a Yoga Retreat

3 Yoga Poses to Practice After Teaching in a Yoga Retreat

Teaching in a Yoga Retreat is a wonderful experience, you meet different people from different countries who come to your retreat to relax or to practice yoga in a beautiful setting away from the responsabilities.

As a yoga teacher in YogaRetreats Malaga I keep my own yoga practice evey day, I adjust my schedule, and also during teaching I am very careful when of demostrating poses without being warm .

At the same time the complete team is  there to answer questions,  sometimes we have to teach more than a class a day, and we need to be fit to help in whatever goes around during the Retreat.

After teaching so many yoga classses, you will feel full of energy but also tired. Then it is the moment that you will take a time for yourself, and recharge for the next retreat to come.

My 3 favorite yoga poses to restore and feel better after hosting a Yoga retreat are:

1-Viparita Karani or legs against the wall.


In this pose my legs feels great after being teaching or standing for many hours during the Retreat. My back releases and having  my arms open as a cactus helps me to strech my shoulders and my chest.
Spend here at least 10 minutes,  observe your breath, and you will notice how the nervous sytem is more calm.

2-Balasana, or Wide-Knee Child’s Pose.


This pose relieves any tension on my back, neck and hips. It is a perfect way to feel grounded and to let go any tension acumulated during the retreat.
It is the perfect moment to stay in silence, to calm the brain and to go back to my innerself.
Stay here for 3-5 minutes and notice  how It helps to relieve stress and fatigue.

3-Padmasana or lotus pose

During the Yoga Retreat we socialize with the participants, we spend time being available to listen and helping where we can, and that takes also energy, so the best way to recover is with  Meditation.
When I sit in lotus I  can feel my hips opening, my ankles stretches, and my spine straight. (if lotus is not possible sit in easy pose).  I calm my mind and reconnect to myself.
Try to sit for at least 10 minutes, close your eyes  and without changing your breath, observe it as it is.
Allow yourself to be with the breath from moment to moment. You will improve your  mood and well-being!

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